Embrace the Darkness 3

  В объятиях тьмы 3 (2002) — 102 min – драма, ужасы – 17 сентября 2002 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Robert Kubilos Stars:  Chelsea Blue, Ty Winston, Glen Meadows, Tiffany Shepis, Lyn Mahler, Kent Kasper, Holly Hollywood, Allison Beal, Sasha Peralto, Tristen Coeur D’Alene, Mia Zottoli Photos No images were imported for this movie. Storyline Collections: А.Алексеев Genres: драма, ужасы Details Official Website:  — Country:   United States of America Language:  English Release Date:  17 сентября 2002 Box Office Company Credits Production Companies:  — Technical Specs Runtime:  1 h 42 min